Get to Know More about Marc Gafni – A Man of Substance

Marc GafniIt is not every day that you get to meet someone who is being admired by many people, not only because he is great with his works, but more importantly, he has a kind heart that is keen in changing the world. Dr. Marc Gafni is such a man, and it is not a big surprise that he is being look up to as an inspiration.

Marc Gafni, or Marc Winiarz as his biological name, is an American spiritual artist, television host and bestselling author. As a previous Modern Orthodox rabbi and the leader of Jewish Renewal movement, Dr. Gafni is being self-identified to be a practitioner of the world spirituality according to integral principles.

A Short Biography

Marc Gafni, also called Mordechai Gafni, was the son of Holocaust survivors in the Pittsfield, Massachusetts. He studied in the New York area at the Modern-Orthodox yeshivas. During the 1980s, when he was attending the Yeshiva University, Dr. Gafni has worked with the Jewish Public School Youth, which was an organization that provides Jewish social clubs in the public schools.

By the year 1988, Gafni worked as the rabbi in Boca Raton, Florida. After he made aliyah, Dr. Gafni did also serve as the rabbi of Tzofim’s settlement in the West Bank. After Gafni moved to the country of Israel, he chose to hebraicized his name. His biological name, Winiarz, which was the Polish term for vintner, is actually related to gefen, a Hebrew term for grape, which is why he came up with his name Gafni. From his previous marriages, Gafni has three kids, with one of his children being Mariana Caplan.

Marc Gafni’s Education

Dr. Gafni was a philosophy major when he was still an undergraduate. After that, he chose to continue his education to earn his Doctorate of Philosophy that he took in 2008 from the Oxford University. Later on, he also taught in the university for the graduate seminars regarding mysticism. Dr. Gafni also claims that he holds rabbinic certification from Israel’s chief rabbinate as was held in private rabbinic ordination from the time that it was relinquished.

Prominent Works and Teachings

Marc GafniThe teachings of Dr. Marc Gafni are usually described to be world spirituality or integral that incorporates his traditional religious studies into the contemporary themes. These are also targeted at spirituality for the people who are not identifying with a single religion. Dr. Gafni is also an advocate of the latest set of teachings that tackle about relationships, sexuality and eros in his book entitled Mystery of Love as well as the CD set with the title Erotic and the Holy. The very core of Gafni’s message on World Spirituality is what he calls the unique self, which is a term that he personally coined back in the year 2001. Its main principle centers on the presumption that every single human being has his or her unique story which has to be lived. Dr. Gafni expresses this by the way of the theme “wake up, grow up, show up, and lighten up.” He also describes himself as well as his students to be dual citizens of the broader themes of the world spirituality and their very own native traditional religion.

Back in year 2010, Gafni with Ken Wilber also founded the Wisdom Council for envisioning world spirituality according to the Integral Principe. Wisdom Council is one part of Center for World Spirituality, serving as the think tank which includes different members including Gafni himself, Wilber, Deepak Chopra, Anthony Robbins, David Abram, Warren Farrel, Sally Kempton, Lori Galperin and many other thought leaders. Center for World Spirituality’s chair is John Mackey, the CEO of Whole Foods.

Gafni’s accomplishments come in a long list, proving that this man is definitely someone who can offer something to everyone.

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